Joe Renosky Supernatural Glow Plugs

Introducing Joe Renosky's new Supernatural Glow 5" shallow plugs.  Hello fellow anglers, Joe Renosky here.  Since I came out of retirement in 2018, I've talked to a lot of anglers in my travels over the Great Lakes.  They all asked me when I was going to bring back my Fireglo plugs.  I'm happy to announce after extensive research Iv'e developed a new way of making glow plugs.  We used to paint the glow on, but I have now figured out a better way. I now inject the glow into the plastic halves, no more chipping.  They also charge faster and last longer in the water.  The first sets of plugs will feature 12 patterns.  Some are old prints like the perch and rainbow trout.  There are 2 different sets.  With your purchase you will get a free charging flash light.  A 5 minute charge will last over 1 hour.  They also charge in daylight.  Remember the name, Joe Renosky Supernatural Glow!