Company Overview

Joe RenoskyHello Fishing Tackle Retailer readers and browsers! My name is Joseph Renosky, I have been designing fishing lures for over 60 years. I was the first to print on soft plastics, spoons and spinner bait blades. In 1995-1999 I supplied Banjo Buddies the Banjo minnow kit, We sold millions of them. In 2005-2008 I made the first Chatter Baits for Rad Lures and Zman. In 2009, I was issued a patent pending for a movable eyelet swim jig.  Zman sued me for the patent and I lost the case. 3 months after the judgment, my patent was issued. I really wasn't guilty of patent infringement. I had to give up my patent to Zman to pay off my judgement.

Zman licensed my movable eyelet to Strike King, they called it the Cricket. I sold Renosky Lure Inc. to Lucky Strike in 2013, but remained an employee for 3 years. I left the company in 2016 and in 2019 I decided to get back into the lure business. I love designing fishing lures. The new company is called Reno Bait Company. The first lures I worked on were my Pirate spoons and honey comb finish plugs for the Great Lakes. I have some of the most life like baits in the industry. Hot stamp, metalizeds and custom schooling minnow. In early 2000 I bought a closeout of optical film called VM2000. When combined with the honey comb finish it makes the most life like stick bait that swims the great lakes. It's the go to bait for many charter captains in the Eastern basin of Lake Erie. Check out this one big catch from Captain Pete Johnson out of Conneaut, OH.
 (picture coming soon)
I developed a high definition glow and I also developed a new item, bladed stick baits called the Reno Rockers. most are for trolling. Then in 2021 I developed a 3 inch Reno Rocker that could be cast, it will catch any predator fish that swims and will cast a mile. It also works great on suspended fish at any depth. Check out our 3" Reno Rocker add on this site for details on available colors. Check out our 2022 Great Lakes catalog ad for more details on plugs and spoons. Check out our 2 page 2021-2022 Freshwater catalog and bullet point add on items.

The freshwater items are some of the best I've ever made.  It covers the Trout market and the Bass market. The new Crawdad is the best I've ever fished with. The weedless tube bait is a great new item for the Bass market. Check out the ad for the Motor Frog it's the best frog in the marketplace. Check out my sunfish spin it's a hollow bait like the frog that can be fished weedless or in open water. It uses a bullet weight to control the depth and action, it's a deadly bait.

Below is a list of lures I have developed so far.  The pictures at the bottom of the page show full details.

· JR's UV Firetail shads
· JR's Flipper Tail Spin check it out (Trout spinner)
The best new trout spinner in 2020, with it's 2 bladed action with feathers
· JR's Flipper
I've had dealers demonstrate this in fish tanks in stores and they've sold hundreds of them. It rattles better than a rattle trap because of the blade on the back.
· Monster Big Fish Kit (top water and crankbait kit)
Great value
· JR's Dog Walker
It walks the dog fantastically we also have a Frog Walker.
· JR's Frog Walker
· JR's Kahuna Craw and JR's Rubber Band Man weedless tube jig rattle
· JR's Super Curl Minnow
Curly tail minnow in 5 sizes, 3 are done so far.  Available in white pearl printed 6 patterns or silver glitter painted. It's the best curly tail I've ever fished, it will catch anything that swims

In 2019 I received a patent on a jointed bladed swim jig minnow. It's covered by a movable or fixed eyelet. Here is a copy of the patent cover sheet.(link) In the last 6 months, I've developed swim jigs in a variety of markets. I've developed a new blade for the swim jigs(link). It has bendable tips to create different actions. They're available in .5oz, .75oz, 1.25oz, 2.25oz, and 3oz. I've made them for the salt water market using squids for the bodies. They are available in 198cm and 25cm. The Squids are available in a multitude of colors. The 2 size weights are 2.25oz and 3oz. The baits are for trolling. (link to video)

The Bass models of the swim jig come in 2 sizes, the .5oz is a movable eyelet the .75oz is fixed. They come with schooling minnow skirts, some of the colors are shown in the video. I have a major advantage over the Chatter Bait with my patent since you can use a variety of hooks on my design. You can use treble hooks with blades, styles of weedless hooks, and offset hooks (a style of offset hooks for making it weedless). The joint makes it hard for fish to throw the bait. The bait is easy to change just slide the double crimped sleeve off the eyelet and pop on a different style hook or bait. The bass style bait comes with a variety of hooks and soft plastic baits. Crayfish, curly tail minnows, paddle tails and worms. The bendable blades will give it different action that drive bass crazy. We also make one more size a 1oz and .25oz for stripers and musky. I feel the biggest advantage to this system is the treble hook with v or willow blades on the back end since it gives you a double bladed action to the lure.