Dear Reno Bait Company
Purchased your seven pack Reno Rocker.   This is the first day out.  I am fishing a big lake on shore.   The action on the fish scale pattern looks incredible in the water. enclosed is a photo of one of the bass that I caught.  Keep up the good work.  

Yours truly
from PA

Hello Bass Anglers Danny Jones here.  I have been fishing Presque in Erie PA for years.  A week ago Reno Bait Company sent me a few of their Reno Rocker's to test on the small mouth and large mouth in Presque.  One of the techniques I really like with this bait, is to throw it out and let it sink to the bottom then give it three regular cranks and then rip it.  If there is a bass following it, it will definitely attack it.   I can't wait to throw it during some of my upcoming tournaments.  I will keep you posted on future techniques.  Move over Chatter Bait, you have some competition.  This looks like a real minnow. 

Thank you
Danny Jones