Monster Big Fish Kit

This kit includes:

The Dog Walker which is a topwater lure. This bait has hand tied feathers on the treble hook with a high definition realistic sunfish pattern make it look alive and trigger strikes from bigger fish! 

The Tipper Tail Shad which is a shallow diver at 6 feet. This bait has a silicone skirt that works perfectly in the water to spark those big strikes. The Tipper Tail Shad also can be used with a troll method to catch those Walleyes and Muskies. 

The Frog Walker is a topwater lure. It has a walk the dog like action with silicone legs on the back which provides a frog like silhouette on the top of the water. 

The Tipper Tail Frog is perfect for the shallow areas. It has a high definition frog like finish and silicone legs. This bait vibrates from the lips creating that realistic frog like motion. 

The baits in this kit all have a high definition photo like finish that fish just cannot resist! 

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