About Us

Joseph Renosky, co-creator of the Banjo Minnow fishing lure, the inventor of the Bionic Minnow and former owner of Renosky Lure Company, has come out of retirement to start the Reno Bait Company. While in retirement, Joe continued to follow the current trends in technology and innovations in the fishing lure industry. Combining his years of experience in the fishing lure business, his inventive spirit, and the latest advancements in fishing lure technology, Joe has released a slew of new products for the avid angler.

Some of Joe’s latest creations include:

The M200, an optical film encapsulated in a stick bait with a fat lash which gives the appearance of scales coming off a live minnow. His high-def plugs with a live image fish pattern give it a lifelike appearance, making it better than any lure of the marketplace.

For bass fishermen, Joe feels he has two of the best topwater baits ever developed: the Monster Minnow, the Monster Frog, the Tipper Tail Shad, and the Tipper Tail Frog, which caught over 600 Bass in 2017 amongst the 4 of them along with plenty of Northern Pike and Muskies.

Currently on the drafting table is the new jointed swim jig that will be coming soon. It features a movable blade that gives it quick starts and some of the greatest action and is made with mixture of deer hair, and silicone. However, Joe feels his most impressive and exciting project is his new Flipper Tail Minnow. He believes it is sure to catch any predator fish that swims.

Live Bait Series 3s: Shallow Divers

Honeycombed with live bait patterns. A great choice for early spring when most predator fish are feeding on smaller baits. Works well on Dipsies, leadcore, and downriggers. Seasoned fishermen will not be disappointed!

5” Shallow, VM 2000 Optical film series

Available in a variety of finishes. The first is the Vm 2000 Optical film series, a unique product you will only find with our company. The flash resembles scales of a live minnow. ¾ of the pattern are UV paints as seen in the catalog. Most fisherman swear by UV.

Live Bait Series 5s 5 inch shallow Honeycomb

Honeycombed crystalina with 16 different live bait series photos. Most natural looking baits in the fishing market today! With the Great Lakes being so clear, high definition fish looking patterns will work over conventional painted lures. These plugs will dive to 5 feet. They work well on Dipsy Divers, Downriggers, and leadcore.

Live Bait Series 3D Medium Diver

Dive up to 17 feet. Come in the same Honeycomb pattern as the 5s. They work well in the early spring and skinny water.

Live Bait Series 5D

High-definition Honeycomb finish. This Deep diver dives up to 30 feet. Works great on braided line, lead core, downriggers, and excellent for walleyes.

J.R.’s Dogwalker

As most anglers are aware, topwater refers to the calm water where bass see predators better than any other part of water. You better have your game on track! The Dogwalker walks the dog better than any topwater bait on the market. It comes in 10 of the best bait patterns you’ll ever fish with. The trembling feathers greatly entices strikes. Check out our YouTube video to see the lure in action. This lure helped Joe catch over 600 bass in 2017.


Joe brings you the schooling minnow spoons. In 2017 Joe was granted copyright patterns on his schooling minnow spoons making his unlike any on the market. He has done some of the most productive baitfish patterns that swim the Great Lakes.He has taken the Perch the Smelt the Brown Trout The Dace, The Rainbow, and Gobie. Using a technique Joe refers to as “stretching” with a computer he is able to create unique images on the spoon, giving it a lifelike schooling feel. He field tested these patterns in 2017 with great success. There is no lure better in diversification and is excellcent for catching walleyes, salmon, and steelhead. Available in 3 sizes: 2.75, 3.75, and 4.75.

J.R.’s Frogwalker – Monster Fish Kit

The Frogwalker is a clone of the Monster Minnow. The only difference is we now have 5 different frog patterns. Instead of a feather, it is equipped with a silicone skirt with frog feet and curly tails. Created in the fall of 2017, the first field test yielded a 3 pound largemouth on the first cast. The following tests were just as successful, landing 3-5 pound consistently. Watch our video to check out this lure, which is part of the monster fish kit.

Tipper Tail Shad – Monster Fish Kit

The Tipper Tail Shad is great for early spring. This bait can be made to suspend with bait weights. It is an excellent bait to work with and stops on a dime to give the silicone skirt a lifelike appearance. This drives predator fish crazy. The attached bill allows thte Tipper Tail Shad to dive 5 to 6 feet. The  vibration of the bill sends shockwaves down the body through the button shaft and makes the silicone skirt come alive. Available in 12 fish catching patterns and is part of the Monster Fish Kit. See YouTube video to watch it in action.

Tipper Tail Frog – Monster Fish Kit

Also part of the Monster Big Fish Kit, the Tipper Tail Frog comes in 5 colors with matching silicone frog’s feet. This lure will be field tested heavily in 2018. More testimonials to come!

Monster Big Fish Kit

One of the best values on the market today, the kit comes with 2 sunfish and 2 frog patterns. Covers from topwater to 8 feet of water. Sure to catch big fish!