Keystone Jig Minnows & Sonic Minnows


Joe here, I'm really excited about my new Keystone Jig Minnow Curly Tail! It's a special design with a hole and a split in the end of the tail.  I live in Pennsylvania and after the first couple days of ice-out in 35 degree water, I caught some really nice bass on this lure. I think it's a combination of the high definition print and the life-like action of the curly tail.  My high definition print on the minnows and the fish scale minnows are the best in the industry.  The curly tail will eventually be available in sizes up to 6".  As new versions become available, they will be listed on the site.  Any fresh or salt water predator fish that eats minnows will be an easy catch with these new high definition curly tails!

See below for color charts, sizes and different options. 

UPDATED 4-4-23, we now have 6 colors available in 2 different sizes!

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3 Available Styles

  • Curly Tail
  • Straight Tail
  • Sonic Minnow

3 Available Sizes:

  • 0 = 1.38 inches    
  • 1 = 2 inches    
  • 5 = 3 inches

Available in 14 regular and 14 fish scale patterns. Only 10 patterns pictured, the other 4 are: Large mouth, Small mouth, Goby & Crappie.