JR's Rip N' Flip Craw

Joe Renosky is no stranger to bladed swim jigs.  From 2005-2008 he made over 5 million for Zman.  In 2010 he was awarded patent number 8658633.  This patent covers a movable S link.  It is now being sold by Strike King called the Cricket.  His new Rip N' Flip is far superior to the existing swim jigs on the market.  The blade is attached to a split ring which is held by a post which gives it's more movement than a fixed eyelet blade.  It is totally weedless.  It is packaged with one of the best crayfishes ever made and printed to perfection.  When retrieved, these special claws come to life.  It looks as real as any crayfish that ever swam.  Joe believes that the Rip N' Flip with the Kahuna Craw will be a big winner, he believes it's the best he ever made.  Available in 3 fish catching colors: Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin and Smoke Red.

Joe's Tip: One of the things I've found about Kahuna Craw is... Throw it out and let it sink to the bottom, then take the reel,  rip it 2 cranks let it settle...rip it 2 more cranks, let it settle...it drives predator fish nuts!  Try it, you'll love it!